What should be paid attention to work safety shoes?
4 / 10 / 2019

Employers or workers must understand the importance of wearing work shoes. There are important points to be considered in the preferred work shoe models under any working conditions. We want to draw attention to a few issues, especially the seasonal conditions.

In the selection of work shoes, we can talk about sole protection. The steel soles, steel intermediate soles, electrically resistant soles and waterproof non-slip soles are remarkable features in quality work shoes.

Your working conditions will give you the right result for the work shoe you choose. The risk of slippage in the environment, the presence of electrical current or chemical factors will be among the other details that you may question in determining the criteria for the selection of work shoes.

You should choose a composite toe cap that responds best to electrical resistance as there is a risk of electric shock in work environments where electrical current is high.

It is useful to select neotril or nitrile base in working environments where high temperature, acid and alkaline are present.

Work shoes that you do not feel comfortable with during your work, will make you unhappy and cause inefficiency. The detail of insulation against cold is especially important in the selection of work shoes in winter. In summer, work shoes that do not sweat the feet and are breathable should be preferred. Work safety shoes must be wrapped around the foot. If there is a gap, you may experience problems such as pain in your feet.